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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Pollution from Anniston Army Depot impacts catfish business
Pollution from Anniston Army Depot impacts catfish business
By Sara Clemence


The photographs in a small cabin off Alabama 202 seem testimony to a
thriving summer business.

Grinning men grip big, slippery catfish. They fill the frames, as does
the name of the place in the picture, Cooper’s Catfish Lakes.

But the frames hang a little askew. Outside, the grass is growing long;
the 11 lakes are a little low.

“I haven’t really taken care of my lakes the way I should, on account of
them buying it,” said T.A. Cooper, who has owned the lakes for a
half-dozen years.

“Them” is the Army, which has long promised to purchase the 37-acre
property and its 11 rectangular lakes.

“They’re going to pay me next week next week, next week,” said Cooper,
79. “I’ve let ‘em drill wells on my place. I’ve done everything I could
to help ‘em, and now I’m mad at ‘em.”

The reason for that is chemical contamination from the Anniston Army
Depot, which is visible across a set of railroad tracks from the lakes.

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