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Date: 5 Sep 2003 19:17:49 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] GAO Report on Chemical Demilitarization Program
The following excerpt is the summary of a GAO Report entitled, "Chemical
Weapons:  Sustained Leadership, Along with Key Strategic Management
Tools, Is Needed to Guide DOD's Destruction Program".

The entire report can be downloaded as a PDF at:

The Chemical Demilitarization Program remains in turmoil because a
number of long-standing leadership, organizational, and strategic
issues remain unresolved. The program lacks stable leadership at the
management levels. For example, the program has had frequent turnover in

the leadership providing oversight. Further, recent reorganizations have

done little to reduce the complex and fragmented organization of the
program. As a result, roles and responsibilities are often unclear and
program actions are not always coordinated. Finally, the absence of a
comprehensive strategy leaves the program without a clear road map and
methods to monitor program performance. Without these key elements,
DOD and the Army have no assurance of meeting their goal to destroy the
chemical stockpile in a safe and timely manner, and within cost

DOD and the Army have already missed several 2001 milestones and
exceeded cost estimates; the Army has raised the program cost estimates
$1.2 billion, with other factors still to be considered. Almost all of
incineration sites will miss the 2001 milestones because of schedule
due to environmental, safety, community relations, and funding issues.
Although neutralization sites have not missed milestones, they have had
delays. DOD and the Army have not developed an approach to anticipate
influence issues that could adversely impact program schedules, cost,
safety. Unless DOD and the Army adopt a risk management approach, the
program remains at great risk of missing milestones and CWC deadlines.
will also likely incur rising costs and prolong the publicís exposure to
chemical stockpile.

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