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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] U.S. Wants Delay For Destroying Weapons
U.S. Wants Delay For Destroying Weapons
September 4, 2003

WASHINGTON - The United States said Wednesday it will not meet an April
2004 deadline for destroying 45 percent of its chemical weapons
stockpile. The Pentagon said it has asked the world body that governs
the destruction requirement for a delay until December 2007.

The United States has destroyed about 23 percent of its declared
stockpile of 31,280 tons of mustard gas, sarin and other chemical
weapons. Environmental, safety and other problems at high-temperature
incinerators have made it impossible to meet the 2004 deadline, the
Pentagon said.

In line with provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997, the
United States submitted its request for more time to the Organization
for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

The Chemical Weapons Convention was the first treaty in history
requiring elimination of an entire class of weapons under a timetable
and under oversight of international inspectors. The vast majority of
nations - 153 - are treaty members, but significant gaps exist,
especially in the Middle East, where Israel, Egypt and other Arab states
have failed to ratify it.

The treaty set a deadline of 2007 for the United States, Russia, India
and South Korea - declared possessors - to destroy their chemical
weapons. The 45 percent milestone was to be reached by 2004.

Since the United States is asking for three extra years to reach the 45
percent milestone, it is almost certain it will later seek a delay in
the 2007 deadline for 100 percent destruction. Under terms of the
Chemical Weapons Convention it could be granted a delay to 2012.

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