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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Traces of contamination found in backup water well
Traces of contamination found in backup water well
By Amanda Lehmert
August 28, 2003

Some of the water meant to replace supplies tainted by activity at the
Massachusetts Military Reservation may also be contaminated, according
to officials from the Army groundwater study office yesterday.

Amounts of perchlorate, a component of rocket propellant, and Royal
Demolition Explosives above health advisory limits were found within the
area Upper Cape Water Cooperative's supply well No. 2draws water.

The most troubling sample -- 370 parts per billion of perchlorate, found
170 feet below the ground -- was drawn from a well two miles south of
the cooperative's well, said Ben Gregson, who works for the Impact Area
Groundwater Study Program.

The finding is not an immediate health concern. An official with the
cooperative said the contamination would take 40 years to reach the
supply well if the well pumps at full capacity.

Officials caution that the results that came back from testing Monday
still must be confirmed by a second test, and more samples will be

But Army officials and state and federal regulators said they are
speeding their investigation and may use a quick-fix treatment if

"We really don't know the nature and extent of this, which is why we
need to get out there and investigate as soon as possible," said Len
Pinaud of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection at
Tuesday night's Impact Area Review Team meeting.

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