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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Dole staff suggests new OLF meeting
North Carolina
Dole staff suggests new OLF meeting
By Rachel Brown Hackney
August 22, 2003

Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., plans to invite representatives from
Washington and Beaufort counties who are opposed to a Navy outlying
landing field in their backyard to meet with her and representatives of
the Navy early in September, the Daily News learned Thursday afternoon.

At the same time, Dole released a letter saying she will continue
working "until the 11th hour to make certain that the Navy is well
aware" of concerns about the negative effects the OLF would have on
Washington and Beaufort counties.

The letter reaffirms her support for the positive economic development
impact the construction and operation of the OLF would have on the
region. "In the short-term, over 400 jobs will be created along with an
infusion of over $38 million in construction funds," the letter says.
"Over the long-term, the OLF will provide as many as 50 full- and
part-time jobs with an estimated payroll of near $1 million."

She also indicated that she cannot be expected to have much influence on
the acting Navy secretary's decision about where 10 new squadrons of F/A
18 E/F Super Hornets will be based on the East Coast or whether the OLF
will be built: "... Please understand, the location of the new OLF will
not be the decision of a United States Senator."

Dole says she has considered the need to meet national security
requirements resulting from the global war on terrorism and the need to
maintain the viability of North Carolina's military bases in the face of
the next round of the Base Realignment and Closure process, which is
scheduled for 2005.

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