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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Cleanup cost to slow redevelopment plan
Cleanup cost to slow redevelopment plan
$378 million disparity
By Kristin Bender
Friday, August 15, 2003 - 6:27:40 AM PST

ALAMEDA -- A $378 million disagreement over the cost to clean up toxins
at the former Alameda Naval Air Station likely will delay for years the
city's sweeping plans to develop the prime waterfront land.
The U.S. Navy pegs the cost to clean up the land at roughly $180
million, but a private contractor hired by the city's developer put the
price tag at $558 million, according top city officials.

The wide disparity in the cost estimates has prompted the Navy to scrap
its plans for an early transfer of roughly 1,000 acres of the base.
Instead, the Navy has decided to clean up the base itself, a process
that could take seven to 15 years.

"It is very discouraging, but we have to keep moving this thing
forward," said Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson. "I think their figure of
$180 million will not allow us to do the kind of development that we
have been envisioning. If we just wanted to pave it over and do
industrial out there, then (that number) would allow us to do that."

The Alameda Naval Air Station was closed April 25, 1997, but even before
it was decommissioned, Alameda began making plans to build a small city
over the next two decades. Two years ago, the city pegged Alameda Point
Community Partners to develop the land. Plans call for hundreds of
homes, millions of square feet of industrial and office space,
commercial space, parks, a school, a 900-slip boat marina, and a
high-speed overhead gondola.

But without millions from the Navy for the cleanup of contaminated
groundwater, polluted soil and metals, the base may remain a ghost town
with dilapidated barracks, empty streets and endless vacant buildings.

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