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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Military bows to water rules
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Military bows to water rules
INLAND: The agreement boosts hopes for cleaning up perchlorate, which
has contaminated many wells.
By Jennifer Bowles and David Danelski

In an apparent about-face, the U.S. military will abide by stringent
California rules in cleaning up pollution that has fouled Inland water
supplies, federal officials said Thursday.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and a Defense Department official
announced an agreement under which the military will follow a state
drinking water standard for the chemical perchlorate, used in rocket
fuel and explosives. The standard is scheduled to be adopted in January.

"When it comes to perchlorate, they will not duck their responsibility
here in California and here in Rialto," Boxer said, standing in front of
a depleted reservoir in a city that has lost 40 percent of its water
supply to the contamination.

Boxer, state and local officials and a Pentagon representative held a
news conference Thursday after a brief tour to a contaminated well.

In an interview later, Boxer said Defense Department officials had told
her previously that they would avoid most perchlorate cleanups until a
national perchlorate standard is set in 2006 or later.

"This means we're ahead by two years," she said.

A month ago, the military promised money and technological assistance in
cleaning up Inland-area perchlorate contamination. Thursday's agreement
applies to the entire state.

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