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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Unintended medical consequences?
Here We Go Again…
Unintended medical consequences?
By Geoff Metcalf

Agent Orange, Gulf War Illness, and now….?

Associated Press reports, “The Army is trying to figure out what is
causing a rash of serious pneumonia cases, including two fatalities,
among soldiers serving in Iraq.” A team of specialists has been sent to
Iraq to investigate over a dozen cases of pneumonia sufficiently serious
to put the soldiers on ventilators to breathe and to be evacuated from
the area.

The Army reports that two soldiers have died, nine recovered and three
are still hospitalized. Is this normal? The Army Surgeon General says,
given the number of troops deployed, 100 cases “do not exceed

Maybe…But who’s expectations and based on what data?

    * Are expectations based on forecasting statistics for depleted
uranium munitions exposure?
    * Or assorted vaccines?
    * Are the pneumonia incidents routine?
    * Or statistical anomalies?

For at least 72 years our government has engaged in highly questionable
(unethical) medical experimentation. The same kind of stuff they make
movies out of and that we have vilified the Japanese and Germans for
doing, our government has done (and arguably continues to do).

I wrote about this back in January, "The Mushroom Policy: Human
Experimentation", but it bears repeating.

It is easy to “pooh-pooh” any “mad scientists” suggestions as mere
“conspiracy theory” hogwash. However, a litany of FACTS should disabuse
a reasonable person of the conspiratorial fiction line when you review

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