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The following was posted by Karen Kingston <Karen4theCamp@cs.com>
I wish to thank the many people who contacted me after I posted
regarding the Early Transfer of Camp Bonneville, WA State.  Your insight
information has been extremely valuable.

This website is a resourceful and essential tool for RABs. I can say,
from my
standpoint, that the CPEO has been at the heart of my learning
experience.  The
BRAC process has several errors.  However, this is a first round and one
expect that.  Oversight by the Public is essential, yet the daunting
task of becoming a
worthy advisor overwhelms even the most astute. Taking private citizens
into a
volunteer role of study and advise,  then the unavoidable confrontations
disillusionment's, is a role of a member or a Co-Chair that I can barely
I cannot speak for the RAB and I assume that everyone, who reads these
understands what a difficult position this is for a volunteer.

I thank heaven for such a gathering as the CPEO and all of you who take
your time
to answer  us....citizen members.
In the case of UXO ridden, water contaminated, mustard buried....Camp
 Imagine a stint on this RAB as a freezing windy night........many of us
RAB members
are alone in the dark.  When any of you stop to lend a hand, the
appreciation goes to

Regards and In Spirit,
Karen Kingston
Camp Bonneville RAB Co-Chair
Vancouver, WA

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