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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Tooeleans voice misgivings on mercury storage
Tooeleans voice misgivings on mercury storage
By Judy Fahys
July 31, 2003

TOOELE -- The federal government wants a place to warehouse its
stockpile of toxic mercury, and a local business wants to be considered
for the multimillion-dollar contract.

But some residents of Tooele told federal officials Wednesday that the
mercury would not be welcome in their community. Drew Hall of Overlake
Development questioned the wisdom of trying to build the local economy
by transforming a phased-out military facility into another business
likely to reinforce the county's image as the hazardous waste dump of
the nation.

"It's going to make it that much more difficult for this community,"
said Hall. "It's going to be economically detrimental."

Officials of the Washington-area Defense National Stockpile Center
(DNSC) heard similar concerns from a variety of Tooele residents during
a visit to the community Wednesday to answer questions and field public
comments. Residents raising objections included retirees, businesspeople
and environmentalists.

The privately owned Utah Industrial Depot in Tooele is one of five sites
in the running to store 4,880 tons of mercury, which the government has
kept for a half-century as a part of its cache of commodities critical
to national security.

While just a handful of people showed up for a public hearing on the
government's proposed strategy for dealing with the mercury in April,
the agency extended the comment period to the end of August at the
request of U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah.

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