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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] JPG contamination report expected in August
JPG contamination report expected in August
By: Peggy Vlerebome
July 31, 2003

A new Army study of whether soil, sediments and water at Jefferson
Proving Ground are contaminated is expected to be made public at the end
of August, the Army’s environmental coordinator for JPG said last night.

The study report is in draft form, but Paul Cloud of the Army wouldn’t
reveal any of the findings at the quarterly meeting of the JPG
Restoration Advisory Board. Cloud is the co-chairman of the board with
citizen representative Richard Hill, president of Save the Valley
environmental organization.

A part of the Army that is involved in health and prevention conducted
the study at JPG and other Army bases where depleted uranium was used.
Underground water, surface water, soil and sediment were tested for the
presence of metals and explosives, Cloud said.

The Army is doing the studies to document whether contaminants have
spread and whether there is any impact on active bases where training
and testing take place, Cloud said.

In answer to a question, Cloud said the study looked for evidence of
perchlorate, a chemical that is gaining increasing national attention
because it causes thyroid malfunction, which can result in developmental
problems and learning disabilities in children and to a host of adult
problems including depression, anxiety and weight gain.

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