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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Working Together Yields Good Results
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Working Together Yields Good Results
Congressman David Dreier, CA-26

When concerned citizens, local officials, and Members of Congress get
together to work toward a common goal, positive results follow. Thatís
exactly what has happened in the San Gabriel Valley, and is getting
underway in the Inland Empire region, in an effort to ensure a safe,
reliable, drinking water supply. The San Gabriel Basin Water Quality
Authority (WQA) has become a model for local-federal partnerships and is
a shining success symbol for the state and country.

Perchlorate, a harmful contaminant found in solid rocket fuel, was first
discovered in the San Gabriel Valley in 1997. At that time, local,
state, and federal officials joined together to gather the resources
necessary to clean up and maintain a safe drinking water supply for more
than 1.2 million residents in the area. Part of the approach was passage
of H.R. 910, legislation I authored that created the San Gabriel Basin
Restoration Fund and authorized a total of $85 million in federal
dollars over five years. The federal dollars, together with funds
collected from companies who share responsibility for the clean-up, are
being used by the WQA to design, construct, and operate water quality
projects to contain and treat groundwater contamination. Since its
enactment in 2000, a total of $45 million has been appropriated by the
federal government and $10 million more is set to be approved this year.
In several facilities across the region, the clean up work is underway.
For example, the Baldwin Park Operable Unit treats over 20,000 gallons
of water per minute with state of the art technology to reduce and
ultimately eliminate the plumes of contamination.

Earlier this year, I met with officials from the Inland Empire
Perchlorate Regulatory Task Force. The Task Force, representing the
water companies in Colton, Fontana, and Rialto are working on very
challenging drinking water issues in this area. Through hard work and
ongoing dialogue with federal agencies, they are making strides to
ensure a safe drinking water supply for tens of thousands of San
Bernardino County residents. The Department of Defense recently reached
a memorandum of understanding with these Inland Empire water agencies
which calls for all involved to coordinate technical, financial,
environmental, and legislative resources to identify and clean up areas
contaminated with perchlorate. As this work progresses, they will
undoubtedly be looking to the WQA as an example of how to utilize local,
state, and federal resources to improve the quality of life in their
communities. I look forward to working with them as they move forward.

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