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Date: 18 Jul 2003 14:57:11 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Battling the Inland Sea
In a message dated 7/18/2003 3:51:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
cpeo-military@igc.topica.com writes:

> The Environmental Protect Agency announces it will not set a national
> drinking water standard for so-called perchlorate pollution.
Robert Kelley wrote a book called "Battling the Inland Sea". In the book, Mr. 
Kelley describes two schools of thought. Laissez Faire Democrats and Central 
Control Republicans. The common theme in both camps is that a person can do 
whatever he wants with his property.

Mr. R on the west bank of the Sacramento builds a levee and dams off a slough 
in the name of central control. The result is that Mr. D on the east bank 
gets flooded even worse in the next rainy season. Mr. D responds by building a 
higher levee and damming off a slough in the name of individual rights. The 
Sacramento River responds by flooding Mr. I in the city of Sacramento before 
washing out both levees and both dams.

Mr. R who claims to be in favor of central control backpedals and joins the 
camp of Mr. D. Every man for himself, claiming there is no flood problem. Mr. D 
who claims to be in favor of every man for himself, pleads for control of the 
insane water wars. Mr. I continues to get flooded and wonders where all the 
water is coming from.

Is there a parallel with the present day approach to perchlorate? Only time 
and the writing of history can answer that question. Will the Midas touch be 
replaced with the "Dubwa" touch or the "Cheney" touch or the "Christine" touch?

Only time and the writing of history will answer that question. Until then, 
continue to make insane profits by throwing your garbage over the fence so 
someone else has to pay for the clean up. Or better yet, they don't clean it up 
and the payment comes in the form of sick people. Full employment in the medical 

Was that remark too sarcastic? I better watch what I say, even Larry S. won't 
publish this.

Remember what "Engine Charley" Wilson said. "What's good for GM is good for 
the country." Or was that Daddy Warbucks that said that?

Also remember that friendly fire ain't. Even if the friendly fire takes years 
to kill you. Win the battle at all costs only to lose the war at great cost. 
Remember Pyrrhus?

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