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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Credibility Gap and RABs
The following was posted by Karen Kingston  <Karen4theCamp@cs.com>

I can echo the sentiments and facts stated by Stella.

I am the Camp Bonneville Co-Chair and I have had a rough ride in this
seat.  The Archives, the missing Archives, the incomplete data;  these
are issues the Army chooses to negotiate like a Hummer in a Mine Field.
Stella sat on the board with others who had the ingrained incentive
that, indeed, integrity is doing the right thing and credibility equals

Later, our RAB history reveals inconsistency with the facts and the
military drive to do nothing unless asked or ordered.  All the while a
smiling BEC who insists he is there for us and the Army desires to
remedy the land.  We learned that we cannot sit
in the role of Advisory, instead we had to learn how to fight fire with
fire.  We sent out dozens of FOIAs which verified what I will call
'mistruths'.  We contacted as many agencies as possible for
intervention.  Luckily, we attended ITRC training.  I
went back to square one and researched; finding that Time critical
actions had taken place at Bonneville and the Army did not have an
Administrative Order in place (documented with WA EPA).  The Army
assumed the Library Information Repository was its only responsibility.

This list can go on and on, while each month the RAB members revealing
errors are berated, belittled, and harassed.  We have worked to keep
decorum and courtesy on the table, yet the Army encouraged one special
interest community member to disrupt the meetings with yelling and
banging tables.  The Army gives newspaper reporters well test numbers
dating back to 2001.  We had to contact the Pentagon in order to get
copies of documents and receive prior knowledge of work plans.  Again, I
can go on and on.  Camp Bonneville is 3800 Acres strewn with UXO dating
prior to W.W.I.  We are
forested, mountainous, and residential subdivisions reside within
extended firing fans.  The contracted BEC encourages our County to turn
this into a Day School for children, hiking, camping, and an
amphitheater.  All of you out there in America are
paying the bill for this ever-so-hopeful idea.  The FBI has shown an
interest and it too has taken a beating.  What better
scenerio....trained adults in and amongst a final cleanup that proves
only 70% UXO removed without clear cutting the property.  For all of you
out there with the notion that RABs are a success and the Military is
directing these properties justly and in the right direction.......Hold
on to your hats and get your wallets out, its going to be an expensive,
bumpy ride!

Karen Kingston
Camp Bonneville RAB Co-Chair
Vancouver, WA
Email:  Karen4theCamp@CS.com

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