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From: dzweifel@sbcglobal.net
Date: 27 Jun 2003 15:20:44 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
To all interested parties:

In answer to the query regarding Potassium Chlorate the following information
may assist one in determining whether to file a legal request for a site
characterization or not.

Potassium Chlorate, KClO-3, AKA Chlorate of Potash. Its molecular weight is
122.55, melting point is 356 degrees C. This compound is a highly reactive
oxidizing agent. It is used in the production of matchstick heads, fireworks &

This compound also has moderate solubility in "cold" water & the visual
appearance of a colorless crystalline powder.

As a strong oxidizer any contact with a combustible material will cause

The toxicological aspects indicate that the airborne particulates are considered
a hazardous irritant to human health affecting the epidermis, respiratory system
& mucus membranes.

Whereas Potassium Perchlorate or KClO-4 has an extra oxygen atom thereby
differentiating it from Potassium Chlorate.

It's molecularly more complex & is heavier with a molecular weight of 138.55.

Potassium Perchlorate is far more dangerous as a risk to human health.

As a matter of potential interest there is still an on-going release of this
chemical near the rocket fuel plant in Henderson, Nevada. In spite of major
efforts to curb the leachate significant quantities are still seeping into the
Colorado River according to informed sources.

Tests indicate a 3-4 ppb concentration depending on how far down stream your
sampling. The MWD or Metropolitan Water District of California is currently
blending water from the Feather River to try to offset this alarming situation.

Some sites of particular interest regarding the above:

OEHHA Perchlorate Fact Sheet:


Calif. Dept. of Health Services:


EPA Gnd Water & Drinking Water:


EPA Technology Innovation Office:


Don Zweifel
MCAS Tustin, Ca.
RAB Co-chair

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