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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Lawmakers demand data on water contamination
Lawmakers demand data on water contamination
By Mark Sherman, Associated Press
June 25, 2003

Congressional Democrats claim the Defense Department is stonewalling
requests for an accounting of perchlorate contamination in water
supplies at defense sites. Perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel,
has been found in drinking water supplies in 22 states where it was
manufactured and handled. It has been linked to damage to the thyroid
and may be especially harmful to infants although there is debate about
what constitutes dangerous levels of the pollutant.

The Environmental Protection Agency is working on a first-ever national
standard for perchlorate in drinking water. But the EPA is not expected
to issue a final standard until 2006.

Lawmakers have been seeking a comprehensive report on perchlorate from
the Defense Department. Democratic Reps. John Dingell of Michigan and
Hilda Solis of El Monte sent Rumsfeld a letter Monday complaining that
they have yet to receive a perchlorate survey the Defense Department
began two years ago.

"The threat to public health and water resources can continue unabated
if information is covered up or hidden from the public,' they said.

In an interview Tuesday, Dingell noted the information also has not been
shared with EPA. "It makes me suspicious,' Dingell said. "Whenever they
have a problem with environmental contamination, they seek to escape
from the requirement of law.'

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