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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Weapons of Mass Deception
The following response was posted by Louis B. Fournier
RE:    Your e-mail:  "The real threatónot only to U.S. troops but to
Iraqis as wellómay prove to be a weapon scarcely mentioned before,
during or after the war: depleted uranium."

I disagree with the above statement.  The real threat to U.S. troops and
to all Americans, as well to U.S. supporters around the globe is the
dramatic loss in trust of the American government and what we are being
told as the reasons for going to war.

Domestically, the major threat, in my view, is the loss of funding of
environmental cleanup projects as dollars are being re-allocated to the
"War on Terrorism" so that we won't have to raise taxes.  Existing
adverse environmental impacts on humans are real;  the second is, as you
put it in your e-mail, more "hype" than reality.

This is not to discredit or minimize the intent of your statement about
depleted uranium.  Rather, it is to address the view that this is "the
REAL threat".  I suggest that it is ONE of the threats.

Louis B. Fournier, Ph.D.
STAR Environmental, Inc.
Chadds Ford, PA
E-mail:  starcompany@erols.com

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