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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] Growers fret over perchlorate in produce
The rocket fuel, perchlorate, in the produce is not just from Yuma which
uses water from the Colorado River.  It is also from the Salinas Valley,
known as the Salad Bowl of the World, thanks to Fort Ord which has
documented  detections of this and other chemicals in the water that
irrigates the crops.   Smoke from Fort Ord's purposely burned impact area
fumigated the Salinas Valley farmland which is mostly lettuce production.  =
have seen pictures of rocket fuel smoke landing on lettuce crops and
pictures of the same crops two years later so rotten they could not be
harvested. The Researcher for the disease refused to consider Fort Ord's
facts and insisted on determining the crop damage as a mysterious virus.
The cover up can't last for ever.  Soon, there will be no safe food supply
if these money grubbing land grabbers fulfill there agendas which is to bur=
the unexploded ordnance instead of clean it safely, so they can get their
free land and make money off development.

Christine Bettencourt
(831) 674-1773

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Growers fret over perchlorate in produce
Two tests now show the thyroid disrupter in lettuce; more testing

With mounting evidence of perchlorate in the food supply, farmers have a
full plate of problems as they plan for next year=92s growing season.

The first government-sponsored look at perchlorate in food is currently
underway, and by midsummer scientists will have information on
perchlorate uptake in a variety of foods, including lettuce.

In April, two studies =96 one by a San Bernardino newspaper and another by
an environmental group =96 set off red flags when they found perchlorate
in lettuce irrigated by the Colorado River, which accounts for nearly
all winter lettuce eaten nationally. The newspaper-sponsored study found
perchlorate in 100 percent of its 19 samples, and the highest
concentrations in backyard lettuce irrigated with drinking water.

The news could be especially alarming to residents of southern Santa
County, where almost 400 wells have been contaminated by a former
flare-manufacturing operation and residents have wondered about the
affects on locally grown produce.

=93It makes the point that you have to know what is in your produce,=94 sai=
Cindy Gobin, a Morgan Hill resident who has been lobbying city hall to
test backyard gardens grown with municipal water, with little success.
=93I don=92t understand why they=92re stalling because it=92s in everyone=
=92s best
interest. [The city] should be the ones that take the initiative to find

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