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Don't know if this presentation ever went around here, but seems
appropriate given perchlorate situation.  One wonders how much - if any
- funding is going into R&D to replace the perchlorate in rocket and
muntions propellant.  Maybe Boxer and company can take that up.

_From 1999 SERDP/ESTCP symposium:
Partners in Environmental Technology Poster No. 128



U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898
(256) 876-7478

The Green Missile Program is an integrated pollution prevention research
effort funded by the Strategic TEnvironmental Research and Development
Program (SERDP) designed to develop alternative materials and
technologies for solid rocket motor propulsion systems. The program has
team members representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, and EPA. The
specific objectives of the program are to 1) develop propellants which
do not do not contain lead catalyst for both extrudable and castable
propellant processes; 2) develop and demonstrate complete and clean
HCl-free combustion; 3) develop and demonstrate the use of liquefied
gases for environmentally friendly processing of energetic oxidizers and
components resulting
in elimination of solvents and reductions in VOC waste stream
generation; and 4) develop TPE-based grain inhibitors to allow for a
solvent-free application.

Currently, alternatives for lead have been identified for both castable
and extrudable formulations. Evaluation of the alternative materials is
ongoing. Ammonium perchlorate free baseline formulations have also been
developed. Several successful experiments have been completed to
validate the solventless processing systems for oxidizers. Scale-up for
generating pound
quantities of comminuted oxidizers has also been completed.

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