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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Growth near Luke riles McCain
Growth near Luke riles McCain
Napolitano also upset by Surprise housing plan
David Madrid
May. 28, 2003 12:00 AM

Arizona Sen. John McCain and Gov. Janet Napolitano on Tuesday stomped on
development plans in Surprise that will endanger Luke Air Force Base,
with McCain pledging to go to court to stop the home building.

McCain scolded Surprise Mayor Joan Shafer in front of other leaders of
West Valley cities in a meeting on the base. He said the council's move
last week to approve developments inside the base's noise limits is
damaging to a strong defense, especially in this heightened era of

The approval came two days after Shafer was re-elected on a campaign
promise to protect Luke from the encroachment that could spell its doom
in 2005.

"I am deeply disappointed because I thought growth near the base would
stop, and we're facing the same problem in El Mirage," McCain said.

"We've seen bulldozers that are out within the area, and that's not

Shafer said that the City Council approved the developments on the
advice of the city's attorneys. She said they insist that one house per
acre within the noise borders is OK as long as the zoning was in place
before 2001. McCain said that is wrong.

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