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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Depot scraps burn, detonation plans
Depot scraps burn, detonation plans
Frank X. Mullen Jr.
5/26/2003 09:40 pm

Sierra Army Depot has scrapped plans to resume the open burning and
detonation of munitions 55 miles upwind of Reno, an operation that again
could have made the facility the largest air pollution source in
California and northern Nevada.

Vincent Sabatino, acting commander of the depot, said the Army’s
decision last week to withdraw its application for open burnings was a
“business decision, based on legal review and a lawsuit settlement

In 2000, residents and Indian tribes, including the Pyramid Lake
Paiutes, sued the government in an attempt to end the burnings.

Under that settlement, the government pledged to explode only unstable
munitions under emergency conditions or for national security reasons.
Sabatino said the depot is working to reduce its stockpile of obsolete
bombs, land mines and other munitions, and will keep its incinerator
running until September.

Depot officials repeatedly have said the facility never has violated
laws or rules and never has been a health threat to anyone.

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