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From: dickboyd@aol.com
Date: 27 May 2003 14:06:03 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] FW: Official MSDS for Ammonium Perchlorate
Thank you for the 1996 MSDS on ammonium perchlorate (AP) from Hummel Croton, 
Inc. (HCI)

Perhaps a review of 29 CFR OSHA communications procedures within DoD is 
required? The MSDS forwarded for ammonium perchlorate is dated. Based on the lack 
of disclosure, downstream users have no reporting requirements. Minimum spill 
reporting is not even mentioned. The user is required to conduct his own 
research on state and local requirements. California Prop 65 comment is that to the 
manufacturer's 1996 knowledge, there is no carcinogenic effect.

Does Thiokol or the activity that actually blends propellants for NASA and 
DoD have an MSDS for the next step in the use of AP?

Is HCL that large of a producer of AP in comparison to Kerr-McGee or others? 
Suppliers of AP to DoD seem to include disclaimers holding themselves free of 
fault in how DoD uses the material.

My original question was on the perchlorate ion itself. There are other 
materials beside ammonium perchlorate that contain perchlorate ions. Going upstream 
in the manufacturing process, what do the other perchlorate chemicals call 
for on their MSDS? Going downstream, is there anything added in the process that 
would call for additional scrutiny? For example if blended with aluminum 
powder or binders, or milled to a finer grain size?

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