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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Senate Calls for Perchlorate Study
The following response was posted by Charles Douglas

Re: Peter Strauss' remarks about Senate Calls for Perchlorate Study

Why launder the funding through DoD at all?  If the Congress truly feels
that an epidemiological study on the effects of perchlorate in drinking
water is really of paramount national interest and deserving of federal
funding, Congress should place the requirement AND THE FUNDING in the
appropriate agency authorization bill.  I appreciate the health and
environmental agencies’ concerns about perchlorate and I support federal
funding for the necessary science to quantify the human and ecological
risks of perchlorate.

Its all taxpayers’ money.  Lets put it directly into the agency whose
mission it is.  Then that agency should tell us when they can complete
the work.  It may well be before Jun ’05.

I’ve already written my senators and representative about this.  I urge
you all to do so too.

Charles “Jeff” Douglas

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