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The following reply was posted by Elizabeth Ellis
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Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 16:45:52 -0400
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Subject: military housing

I've sent out an e-mail like this before; here's a second try:

Who knows of military housing areas that are contaminated? Where
are they, and what are the contaminants present? What protective
action is being taken? It seems that no one has a list of such sites
across the country-

Justin -

Many installations are undergoing a privitization of their housing
programs right now. This is called the Residential Communities Initiave,
or RCI. This effort involves conducting an Environmental Baseline Survey
of all the housing, as required by real estate laws and CERCLA (asbestos
may be present if the housing is older). Next, cultural resources takes
a look to see if any of the housing actually qualifies as "historical."
Then, an Environmental Assessment is conducted to fulfill NEPA
requirements, which
include ESA, cultural (SHPO), and addressing situations such as asbestos
removal or demolition if necessary.

In our situation, many houses will be demolished and replaced with new
housing. The specifications as to which ones and where are still

To see information on the Air Force's efforts to privatize, check out:

For the Army, check out:

Hope this helps -

Liz Ellis

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