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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Perchlorate found in plants, animals at six sites in U.S. in 2001
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Perchlorate found in plants, animals at six sites in U.S. in 2001
STUDY: Pentagon funding was to cover habitats and food crops, but the
food study wasn't completed.

The Air Force never learned whether food crops were absorbing a
potentially hazardous rocket fuel component seeping from
defense-industry plants and military bases. But military researchers
found plenty of evidence that bugs, mice and plants were taking it in.

A study completed in June 2001 found the chemical perchlorate in soil,
sediment, plants and animals at six areas around the nation, from Yuma
and Lake Mead to the banks of the Potomac River in Maryland.

Researchers concluded that perchlorate is entering nature's food chain
and that plants had the highest concentrations -- often higher than
amounts found in soil or water. The study did not determine how the
perchlorate affected the plants and animals.

The habitat research and a study of food crops grown with
perchlorate-contaminated Colorado River water were to split $500,000 in
Pentagon funds. But the habitat research consumed all the money, and the
food study was never completed.

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