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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Health inquiry looks at lab site
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Health inquiry looks at lab site
PERCHLORATES: The EPA is assessing groundwater and soil contamination on
the 429-acre property.

NORCO - When Lee Wardle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 12 years ago,
she wondered in jest if the missile testing lab down the street from her
home was to blame.

The top-secret activity at Wyle Laboratories has been a running joke
among neighbors, Wardle said. When a tree died or a cat got sick, "We
would laugh and say, 'It must be Wyle Labs again.' "

But then Wardle's daughter-in-law moved into the Hillside Avenue house
and she, too, developed thyroid cancer. When the family moved away, the
woman who bought the house had to have her thyroid removed as well. Rick
Schooley next door had his removed. Diane Gerhart across the street
developed a thyroid tumor. Jo Ellen Jenkins next door to Gerhart also
had to have her thyroid removed, as did Pat Dubeil, who lives behind
Gerhart. Carol Micu, who lives a little farther down Hillside, is the
latest neighbor to have her thyroid taken out.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation this
week to determine if groundwater and soil contamination at the Wyle site
poses a public health threat. The probe was prompted in part by INSIST,
a community group formed by nearby residents.

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