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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Eagle finds new home on base
Eagle finds new home on base
April 10, 2003
By JO2 Amy Warren
Periscope Staff

Representatives from the Sanctuary on the Sapelo Bird Rehabilitation
Center released a recuperated young American bald eagle into the wild at
Lake D here recently as a symbol to honor and show support for our

''I hope the release of the bird will remind the children of King Bay of
the sacrifices their parents and other military families are making in
the current war, and that the eagle's release will inspire all of the
residents of coastal Georgia to remember that protecting our natural
resources is as important in times of war as it is in time of peace,''
said Nan Page, director of SOS.

The young American bald eagle, our country's symbol of freedom,
strength, and courage, was discovered in Camden County with parts of a
plastic bag lodged in his mouth. The eagle partially ingested the bag
and could not eat. Dr. Christopher Gall, a Savannah veterinarian,
treated the eagle while it recovered at SOS for two weeks.

SOS worked with the Public Works department here to organize the eagle's

''It is meaningful for Kings Bay to participate in this event, because,
while we ensure that our mission is met, we are good stewards of the
environment,'' said Capt. Robert Walden, the Public Works Officer who
oversees the environmental program here. ''The release of this eagle is
an informative avenue for the public to see that the military carries
forward the operational mission of enabling war-fighter readiness, while
remaining cognizant of protecting the earth's precious natural

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