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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Bill calls for disclosure of perchlorate pollution
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Bill calls for disclosure of perchlorate pollution



SAN BERNARDINO, CA - Sen. Barbara Boxer plans to introduce a bill
requiring perchlorate makers and polluters to notify the government and
public, even if the production or pollution happened a half-century ago.

State Sen. Nell Soto's spokesman David Miller provided details of the
Boxer bill Monday and a Boxer staffer confirmed that the bill would be
introduced today.

Boxer's Perchlorate Community Right-to-Know Act would require those who
stored or moved perchlorate since 1950 to report it to the EPA by June
1, 2005. Anyone who spilled the chemical must report details for
inclusion in
an annual EPA report that also would list storage sites.

Fines from violators would fund perchlorate cleanups. Soto, D-Ontario,
introduced a bill in February that would fine perchlorate polluters.

Reach Sharon McNary at (909)806-3062 or smcnary@pe.com


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