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From: uxogypfy@bellsouth.net
Date: 8 Apr 2003 17:32:16 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Military readiness
With all the postings on military readiness vs. irresponsible
environmental practices, I need to throw my two cents in here.  It
seems there are people within the political and military arena that do
not want to be responsible for the environmental contamination
consequences that are a direct result of 'military readiness'.  Where I
find the discrepancy is having CNN on 24/7 due to one of my sons
deployed over there and hearing 'how wonderful' our military is
executing their plan (is this not part of military readiness?).  IF
there is a 'weak' spot in military readiness it revolves around 'urban,
guerilla warfare' (at least according to the media).  That type of
training is quite different than 'dropping of bombs/ordnance'.  The
newer technology of =
bombs/ordnance is impressive to watch, mainly their precession and
accuracy of targets and yes, it took training on American soil to
'perfect' them.

I must throw in this caveat, I have read the arguments against any type
of war and subscribe to newsletters, etc. regarding this mindset but
honestly, till individuals and families quit using 'warfare' in their
homes and personal life (ah, the tongue can be mightier than the sword)
then this 'nirvana' will just remain a hope and ideology.  If we, as
individuals and humans, can't achieve this in our own personal life, I
find it impossible to try and achieve this on a state, national or
worldwide level (who could teach such things if they themselves are not
living by it?).

Maybe it's time to just be honest about this issue-there are those with
'power' who do not want to spend the money or time to cleanup the mess
they've made or more straight forward, want to be irresponsible. There
are those contractors who are using marginal methodologies or
technologies in order to make lots of money for themselves and their
companies and are not willing to look at other companies who 'just
might' have a better, quicker and cheaper way to achieve cleanup. There
are stakeholders who sit on these BRAC/FUD sites to 'cushion' their
resumes. There are military personnel who 'know' what is 'right' but
are silent due to damaging their own careers and not breaking rank and
the chain of command.   In other words, from the top of the chain to the
bottom there are those not doing their jobs with the best intentions nor
with integrity so pointing fingers at each other is useless and a waste
of time.  I do not believe this is the mindset of everyone in politics,
community members or the military. I tend to believe it is the minority
who lack 'good intentions' (then again maybe the Pollyanna is coming out
in me).  The question here is how does anyone of us 'make' an adult
responsible and accountable for his or her actions?  Anyone out there
with children knows how hard that is to achieve with a child-now how
does one do this with an adult?

I can only speak for myself but I'm tired of the hearing the excuses and
reasons for 'military readiness'(I also know I'm not privy to things the
military knows and keeps away from the public's eyes and ears which
might change my own opinion about 'excuses and reasons' so anyone out
there in the military who can share without compromising security, I'm
all ears).  How does 'military readiness' exempt them from cleanup of
closed sites, which, if I've read the listings correctly, is where these
'laws' being pushed are headed?  So, I have a suggestion-it's one the
military uses and probably many families in America-the
reward/punishment scenario.  The military needs our politicians to
appropriate budgets for their programs.  It is our politicians that I
believe must be 'hit the hardest with anyone's concerns.  Surely, for
those politicians out there, there must be a way to 'reward' the
military for cleaning up their messes.  I would not even venture to
guess what those rewards might be since I have never worked in any
political office but there are many of you who do and might know the
answer to that question.  I do not see this any different than having a
child who will not clean up their room till they are 'rewarded' (some
might call this is bribery) but IF this is the ONLY way to cleanup our
damaged environment (particularly groundwater) then so be it. I am all
ears to any rebuttals.


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