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Hi Peter,
I could not open the attached file so I don't know if the following will
be of interest or applicable. 
In 1983 & 1984, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources considered
and approved the burning of oil and organic solvents in fuel oil fired
boilers at Badger Army Ammunition Plant.  The material was waste from
machine shop activities.  Beginning in 1980, approximately 300 gallons
of waste oil and 1 gallon of organic solvents were burned annually.  The
solvents reportedly were paint thinners.  The WDNR's decision was based
on a section within Wisconsin Administrative Code that concerns the
"beneficial use" of a hazardous waste; the action was deemed "exempt"
from air pollution control permit requirements.  I checked our records
here and found that lead levels in waste oil were detected as high as
1,540 ppm.  The primary fuel utilized in Badger's boilers was No. 6 fuel
oil.  We also noted that according to the WDNR's approval letter, there
was "no set ratio of waste oil to No. 6 fuel oil".  I could not
determine, based on a records search here, whether or not this practice
continues today.  

Are other munitions materials being similarly disposed of?  Do these
"backdoor" hazardous waste disposal methods also avoid triggering
otherwise applicable regulation, reporting, and permitting requirements?


Laura Olah, Executive Director
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
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This is an interesting story.  Could anyone tell me how munitions
(excluding metals) could be remixed with No. 6 fuel for resale?  What is
6 fuel?

Peter Strauss
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Company wants to set up munitions plant in West Valley
The Times Herald, Olean, NY online
By GEORGE NIANIATUS , Times Herald Business Editor  03/23/2003

WEST VALLEY - Dwindling employment in the town of Ashford from job
cutbacks at the West Valley Demonstration Project could be offset if a
proposed munitions reprocessing plant builds a test facility that could
evolve into a full-scale operation. The V. Wyvern Group Limited, an
Amherst-based company, is looking to construct a munitions reprocessing
plant that might ultimately employ 400 workers after a few years.

The munitions reprocessing plant could be located on the state-owned,
3,000-acre parcel where the West Valley Demonstration Project is
located.  The West Valley Demonstration Project, involving the cleanup
of the former nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, occupies 200-plus acres
of the parcel. Its twin goals are solidification of high-level
radioactive waste, which was completed last fall, and to decontaminate
and decommission the facility by the estimated date of 2023. The work is
performed for the U.S. Department of Energy by West Valley Nuclear
Services. The land is owned by the New York State Energy Research and
Development Authority.

Full story available at:

Susan L. Gawarecki, Ph.D., Executive Director
Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee
102 Robertsville Road, Suite B, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Toll free 888-770-3073 ~ www.local-oversight.org

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