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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Another Coalition Enemy
Another Coalition Enemy
By Henry I. Miller, MD

The war in Iraq is no cakewalk. The Coalition of the Willing faces
tenacious opposition, systematic violations of the rules of war, and a
harsh environment. Less obvious is that they are also hampered by a
decade of destructive, radical environmental rules, policies and
lawsuits that have compromised military training and readiness. This is
an important cause of non-combat deaths in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

A military range in Arizona employs biologists to track Sonoran
pronghorn antelope, so that firing can be prohibited within three miles
of a target. Almost three quarters of Fort Lewis, Washington is off
limits to troops because it is "critical habitat" for the Northern
Spotted Owl - though not one lives on the base. Environmental lawsuits
would make 57 percent of California's Camp Pendleton - the western home
of the Marines - unusable.

Even worse is the systematic damage done to military readiness by the
Clinton-Gore preoccupation with global warming and with the reduction of
greenhouse gases.

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