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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Birds and Warriors
The following was posted by Gil Sailer <Gilsailer@aol.com>

i am always amazed at how a responsible news media can continue to
publish what is clear to be less then the full truth....

those numbers of what the pentagon has spent needs to be examined to
determine for what did the money go...

a prime example is the high cleanup numbers at the closure bases...and
the normal compliance $$ like water and sewage
treatment that any responsible business must spend....and then
destruction of and disposal of nuke or chemical weapons...or
maintenance of them ....  i would challenge anyone to look at the
historical preservation act that was suppose to have been completed
prior to 1970 are in some cases still incomplete ..despite repeated
funding that was diverted....so ...lets get real...

further ...the services have yet to demonstrate where "encroachment"
from environmental legislation has caused the reduction in troop

if training or research or any military activity can be justified to be
waived...there exists viable methods...

and the beauty of NEPA is that it says you must consciously disclose and
evaluate the "known or probable" consequences  of your actions and the
viable alternatives..prior to conducting them ..... and then as you
conduct them ...you should assess the accuracy of those estimations...so
the next time you are either validated or you add or adjust your

guess the use of TCE is a prime example...what was thought at the time
..what we know now .... with a blanket waiver ... no one considers the
consequences..the comparative value of the alternatives...

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