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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Boxer rejects EPA's reasons for inaction
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Boxer rejects EPA's reasons for inaction
PERCHLORATE: The senator prods the agency to protect the public from the
water contaminant.

Sen. Barbara Boxer on Monday accused the U. S. Environmental Protection
Agency of foot-dragging in protecting the public from a rocket fuel
component that has contaminated Inland drinking water supplies.

In a letter to EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, the California
Democrat wrote that the environmental agency "must stop stalling" in
setting a safe level for the chemical perchlorate in drinking water.

Perchlorate is used in rocket fuel, explosives and fireworks to control
the burn rate. It has proved to be a widespread environmental problem
because it mixes easily with water. It has leached from industrial sites
into Inland groundwater supplies and the Colorado River.

Studies on laboratory animals indicate that perchlorate impairs thyroid
function, harms the nervous systems of developing fetuses and causes
cancer. But researchers have not reached consensus on whether the low
levels found in drinking water can harm people. Military and industry
officials contend that low levels of perchlorate are harmless.

So far, the federal and state governments have not set limits on
perchlorate in drinking water.

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