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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] The military's environmental challenges
Letter to the Editor

The military's environmental challenges

We appreciate The Washington Times bringing to the attention of the
public the environmental challenges to military training and readiness
("Military seeks exemptions from laws," Nation, Thursday).

In further clarification of the Bush administration's position, the
Department of Defense (DOD) seeks narrow adjustments to five
environmental laws. These narrow adjustments are designed to codify
longstanding bipartisan regulatory policies and practices of this and
previous administrations as well as those of virtually every state.
These policies and practices are now under attack in lawsuits brought by
various private organizations. Such lawsuits threaten military training
that is essential to ensure that our servicemen are fully prepared
before they enter combat. They also threaten sensible, science-based
environmental policies largely put in place under the Clinton
administration to ensure that our training does not jeopardize
environmental stewardship.

DOD remains fully committed to high-quality environmental stewardship
and the protection of natural resources. However, without legislative
clarification, DOD will be increasingly forced to restrict or relocate
tests and training without corresponding environmental benefit. With
legislative clarification, our military will receive more realistic,
potentially life-saving training without sacrificing environmental
values. It is time for common sense to prevail.

Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
(Installations and Environment)
The Pentagon

This letter can be viewed online at The Washington Times (the fourth
letter down) at:

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