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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Targeting our resources
Targeting our resources
The Bush administration continues to try to weaken environmental
First published: Sunday, March 16, 2003

The Bush administration's repeated attempts to weaken environmental laws
have made for a disturbing pattern in the last two years. But now come
signs that the trend is evolving into an all-out assault. An alarmed
public must tell Congress to draw the line now, before long-term, and
irreversible, damage is done.

Since taking office, Mr. Bush has targeted an array of environmental
protections, from the Clean Air Act to the ban on oil and gas
exploration in pristine Arctic wilderness. The most recent White House
proposal would exempt the oil and gas industry from a storm water
regulation that affects all other industries nationwide.

The new regulation requires all developers whose construction sites
encompass one to five acres to apply for permits before work can begin.
The goal is a reasonable one -- to keep work-site runoff from polluting
rivers, lakes and other water sources.

Municipalities with populations under 100,000 also would be required to
secure permits for urban runoff from streets and parking lots.

But the White House now says the oil and gas industry should have at
least two more years to comply with the law, and may even be entitled to
a permanent exemption from it. The reasons for such favorable treatment
are hardly convincing -- namely, that work at drilling sites must be
done quickly, and that the industry's reliance on leased equipment and
land would expose it to heavy costs if energy producers were forced to
wait long periods before receiving permits. Yet the goal should be
protecting the environment. If the industry needs prompt responses, then
the permit system should provide for an accelerated process. Ignoring
water purity is not the answer.

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