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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: Lean and mean, but green?
What I want to know is if proposed military exemptions are solely for active
duty training or would blanket all military activities such as base
cleanups?  Military readiness and military base cleanups must be seperated
in exemptions.  Cleanups should preserve our environment at all costs and
not cheat by hanging on the coattails of national security.

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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: Lean and mean, but green?

> Missouri
> ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: Lean and mean, but green?
> 02/24/2003 07:40 AM
> MARINES storm the beach at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Then they stop
> storming, board buses and go someplace else to finish invading.
> Tanks maneuver gingerly around the marshes, and Marines mustn't dig fox
> holes willy-nilly. The Marine Corps, it seems, poses a peril to the
> endangered California gnatcatcher, along with the tidewater goby and the
> San Diego fairy shrimp.
> In Fort Hood, Texas, 66,000 acres of training ground are off-limits
> during part of the year to protect threatened birds. In Montana, the Air
> Force sometimes switches training ranges in mid-flight to avoid scaring
> antelope.
> This sort of thing irks the daylights out of generals and admirals. "We
> need to be able to train as we fight," say the generals. When rumbling
> over Iraq, they won't stop for gnatcatchers.
> Now the generals are pressing Congress to exempt the military from the
> Marine Mammal Protection, Endangered Species and the Migratory Bird acts.
> The military has a problem, but the brass have the wrong solution. Some
> reasonable compromise is in order.
> Soldiering is, to a large degree, about shooting things and blowing
> things up. So that's what the military practices. That practice is vital
> to our national security, but it's not environmentally friendly. In
> fact, it's a dirty mess.
> The environmental collisions have become more frequent, and more acute,
> as urban sprawl has advanced upon animal habitat in areas surrounding
> military bases. As open land has become subdivisions and strip malls,
> animals have been forced to take refuge on the military bases - if
> refuge is the right word.
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