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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Residents near base file lawsuit
Residents near base file lawsuit
By Ann Kelley
Staff Writer

A group of property owners in a neighborhood polluted by an old Tinker
Air Force Base landfill filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the
United States government.
Thirty homeowners in the Tinker View Acres housing addition adjacent to
the base want to be compensated for the alleged nuisance caused by the
contamination of water wells in their neighborhood. The suit involves 17
residences, whose owners are claiming they have lost market value,
because of the pollutants in the area.

They also are alleging the water pollution has interferred with their
ability to use their property for personal, family, agricultural or
recreational purposes.

Joseph Cecrle, chief of Tinker's environmental restoration division,
said a landfill dating back to the World War II era was responsible for
contaminating three of the 42 wells in Tinker View Acres that were
tested by the state Environmental Quality Department in 2000 for
elevated levels of volatile organic chemicals.

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