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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Bring Homeland Security Home
The following was posted by Christine Bettencourt
Our Military, whom we love, is suppose to defend us, not poison us:

Our grandfathers, fathers, husbands, uncles, brothers and sons die for
our freedom, so we can be safe
from chemical attacks.  Grandmothers, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters and
daughters do the same.  Seperated
from their families and country to serve across seas so their nation can
be protected from the threat of
chemical injuries and their associated deaths.

It is a sacrifice in vain when our government turns a blind eye to
military base cleanups that expose us to
the very same results although it may not always be recognized due to
delayed symptomology and lack of
appropriate medical training and diagnostics.  Medical science clearly
reveals the danger and risks of
diseases and deaths responsible from these so called base clean-ups.

Where is our Homeland Security?  Freedom from chemical mutagens is
suppose to be a priority and a
cause of war. Why is Reuse, Development and Economic Recovery profits
permitted to take precedence
over public health and safety?  Is it right to sacrifice the very ones
our countrymen and woman are dying to
save?  Are they mere collateral damages?  Couldn't it be called
pre-meditated random murder or outright
homicide since that's what the military data says happens when humans
are exposed to their munition and
war time wastes?  Is it right to raise contaminant levels so military
contractors can keep the money paid by
tax dollars instead of spending it on safer clean-up levels or so land
recipients don't have to forfeit their
inheritance due to lack of clean-up capabilities?  Is it moral to give
contaminated property to the
under-priveledged, the sick and the poor all the while acting like a
good neighbor? Is it moral to make untold
millions at the expense of the people? Is it legal?  How do you get the
fox out of the hen house?  Is it forgivable
to extinct our animals and plants while pretending to save them?  Or
kill our children with toxic smoke from
munition burial pits so they won't sneak on and grab a live dud?  Or
give them tainted water to drink saying
it's safe because it's 'blended' with clean water?  Does anyone care
about anyone when they see green or
does a monster always take over?

Where is rightousness?  Where is the courage of the honorable?  Where is
our God as we suffer through
these things and watch so many harmed as we ourselves slowly die from
them? Is he punishing us with
the poetic justice of war and wealth?  Where is our voice and who is
listening and who cares that can do
something?  Who will do something to stop this despicable deception
campaign of public safety and
approval?  Who will tell the president and the attorney general they are
being lied to and will they care?
And it's not just a few, its the majority and overtime it will be us

Many times, I have felt we stand before the Wizard of Oz's great smoke
screen and wondered who is
really behind these acts of war on my fellowman?  Certainly, it can't be
our 'real' military, for they are
honorable and defenders of life and only kill the enemy to protect us.
Why are base contractors granted all
the powers of the military and the US Attorney General's office to break
every law in the book, even the
ones still in tact, while they sing, "protection of human health and the
environment is of utmost
importance?"  Why do they get away with lying about what they are really
doing at the bases in their
pentagon submitted documents and why does it go unquestioned?  Is it
because the poor souls issued 150+
sites to have oversight over have rubberstamped everything out of
exhaustion, manipulation and sheer
oppression?  Why are concerned people who bring forth truth and public
awareness made out and set up as
community terrorists and put under intense character assassinations with
the threat of incarceration?  That
is if they insist on publicly participating?

Why is junk science allowed to replace sound science and then allowed to
be distributed nation-wide to
help other compromised entities do horrible things in other helpless
communities, just so they can increase
profits by saving on technology and labor fees or by expediant land
sales or commercializing the land
endowed to them?  Who is really poisoning and terrorizing America and
not even for military readiness?  Is
it just greedy contractors, developers, crooked politicians, bought off
regulatory agents and compromised
bureaucrats or could it also be US national enemies infiltrated into top
levels of our government sending the
orders down to commit environmental suicide?  Is it paranoia to wonder
if there is a strategy to kill us after
all it is really happening? (If were granted the epidimeology reports
and health studies we reqested it would
be easily proven, that is as long as ATSDR didn't do it.  Isn't it
evident that spewing mutagenic,
carcenegenic chemical agents from Superfund sites into and onto people's
bodies and into
their communities acts of war according to the US National Security
threat profile or are those that tell
people the truth about it and stir up fear through their information
worse terrorists?.  Is there really a
difference of being exposed to hazardous, toxic and radio-active wastes
from foreign terrorists or budget
cutting, land transfer racing BRAC office staff and green eyed
politicians and other land recipients?  Isn't it
worse if your one of us?

Friends have told me to leave it alone and not worry about what they do
to us because Christ will be back
someday and take care of everything, but what about now?  Don't we have
an obligation to fight the good
fight, to protect the weak and put on the armor of God as we face the
enemy who is the destroyer of the
earth and its inhabitants and let us not forget, the Father of all
Lies?  I admit I sin when I worry, but it's
because I really want to live so my child will not be alone without a
mommy and daddy.  I want to protect her
from chemicals since no one else is and want her to grow up and have a
family. I don't want her mutated
and ten feet under like her sister who I carried during  my benzene
exposure or her children injured, if she
can hopefully have any.  We have a duty to our families, but we are
out-numbered and out-financed and no
one hears the truth because as the bible says, they have tickling ears
and it is more convenient to accept the
polluters story even if it is obvious they are untrue.  Those that do
care and are in a position to make change
are commonly overburdened with toxic sites and have mortgages to pay and
maybe they can't do much so
they deny the truth partly out of job security, partly out of ignorance
and partly out of conscience.

The war is here on our homeland too.  Our existence is being slowly
eliminated for the almighty dollar.
Our full dependance is on God to work through those at the top of our
good government.  We can only
depend on him to lead them to stop the war crime atrocities at the
bottom.  We are called to serve the sick,
the poor and the imprisoned.  As small people, our efforts are too often
squashed when it comes to public
participation in government decisions and with our heath declining and
our finances depleted, we are
powerless, except for prayer.   We must pray for those doing these
things to the innocent and helpless on
our earth.  Holding on to the hope that our protection and healing will
be enhanced by fullfilling this
commanded obediance.  It's all we can do, it's our christian duty.

Christine Bettencourt,  Life2000, Director, Box 1852, Greenfield, CA
92927, (831) 674-1773

Repeated victim of Fort Ord's dirty clean-up and its public
participation henchmen.
A concerned and faithful, unfunded, citizen dedicated to researching
base documents for truth on the
human health and environmental risks from clean-up actions.  Currently,
laying low out of necessity.
Officially banned from Fort Ord and the Presidio without a police escort
for being crazy (they say I want to
be a martyr) and dangerous ( I was only handing out flyers) without
merit, a hearing or representation.
Followed, harassed, lied about, investigated, chased by a military
helicopter (for real!), and naive (dumb)
enough to think public participation was meaningful.
Set up and told by the Fort Ord's Chief of Criminal Investigation,"I
know your really not a criminal, that is
why I am interrogating you and I'm not allowing one of the other guys to
do it."  My research on health effects
from openly burning an impact area convinced him it was the cause of his
post cardiac arrest.
Fellow servant in Truth (Christ).
May God bless those who do right in spite of the odds and may all those
who hear one side of the story
take the time to listen to the other side and weigh who gains from lying
and who gains from truth.

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