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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] U.S. reduces standard for perchlorate hazard
U.S. reduces standard for perchlorate hazard
Federal environmental officials have lowered the drinking water standard
for a chemical found in Bourne's water supplies last year, thus
presumably clearing as safe water supply wells that have been shut off
for nearly a year.

The new standard for the chemical perchlorate is 4 to 16 parts per
billion, at least four times higher than the 1 part per billion standard
that forced the Bourne Water District to shut down three of its six
wells last March.

The chemical, a component of rocket propellant that EPA officials call a
probable carcinogen, had apparently migrated off Camp Edwards into
Bourne's groundwater during years of military training.

In the Bourne wells, located in Monument Beach, the chemical has never
been detected above 1 part-per-billion, according to National Guard

Still, Bourne Water District Supt. Ralph Marks was unsure yesterday
whether the new standard would allow him to reopen those wells.

And federal and state environmental regulators said last night that they
are still evaluating the new standard.

A military official involved in the cleanup of Camp Edwards - and the
ongoing investigation of the polluted Bourne wells - called the
announcement a cause for optimism.

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