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From: Jana Herbert <reininthunder@earthlink.net>
Date: 21 Jan 2003 14:51:30 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] Digest for cpeo-military@igc.topica.com, issue 687
I am  just looking through my week old list activity...been gone a few
days...I don't know who posted "Can a few people respond with examples of
sites where one or more RAB members are not located directly in or adjacent
to the site in  question?  Supporting info (such as 25 miles away) would be
helpful."  My response to this post is 1) I would not respond to anything
that does not have poster's name and reasons for wanting such information,
lest they be hiding something (like who they are for a reason) and taking
information and using it out of context in some other fashion.  As far as
the RAB I am on, most the community members live in the area of such
ordnance issues, others might have great knowledge/insight that is
beneficial to the RAB as a whole, and others may have direct impact in
getting our mission completed via an official means.   Most importantly,
every member must submit an application to be reviewed and admitted to the
Board.  No one can just walk into a meeting and willy nilly ask to be on the
Board and expect to become a member.  These are serious boards, funded  by
the taxpayers, and with an important mission/s.  Jana Walsh, Member, Camp
Beale Cleanup Project for the Restoration Advisory Board.  P.S.  I live on a
former bombing range.  But, someone who does not, may still be impacted by
what goes on this bombing range and others not developed yet, and,
therefore, have a reasonable right to ask to become a member, a quality/ies
that might make them a good candidate to be a member, or simply attend and
participate in an effort to help make the meetings advantageous to all of us
there.  Jana Walsh

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