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Date: 17 Jan 2003 16:21:02 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Proposal aims to limit amount of Depleted Uranium
Subject: assistance need to group re: 40,000 metric tons of DU Proposed
to be generated!!!
Good URL

For information regarding local action being taken, please visit

We need information regarding disposition of depleted uranium tails as a
result of centrifuge uranium enrichment.there are
local officials that aren't buying what the pro-nukers are telling them,
and they want to hear the other side of the story. The
Trousdale County commissioners will be having the first reading
regarding approving rezoning the Four Lakes region on January 27, 2003;
which could open up this region for nuclear industry. The folks in
Middle Tennessee are ready to get on with
their lives, so we would like to snuff these guys out on January 27,
2003 so that we can send LES packing and move on from this. Thanks for
your time.


full article

Proposal aims to limit amount of depleted uranium
LES deal would permit up to 39,500 metric tons
The Tennesseean Staff Writer
Friday, 01/10/03

Up to 39,500 metric tons of depleted uranium could be stored at a
proposed Midstate uranium enrichment plant under a proposed agreement
between the site's owners and the international group that wants to
build the facility.

The proposed contract between the landowner, the Four Lake Regional
Industrial Development Authority, and Louisiana Energy Services also
would include fines if greater quantities of the radioactive substance
are kept on the 250-acre site, mostly in rural Trousdale County.

The material would be stored in up to 4,600 specially made steel
cylinders, said LES spokeswoman Nan Kilkeary. Storage cylinders are 4
feet in diameter and 12 feet long.

That many cylinders, if laid on their sides end to end in rows, would
cover almost four football fields.

The proposed deal was part of a package that the Trousdale County
Commission received Tuesday from the county's Planning
Commission, along with zoning-change recommendations, Trousdale County
Executive Jerry Clift said. He is one of five county executives on the
board that directs the Four Lake authority.

The intent of the agreement, Clift said, is to limit how much depleted
uranium, called tails, LES could store on site if it builds the $1.1
billion enrichment center there, and to hold LES to strict standards.
LES has maintained that the tails can be stored safely above ground in
specially made steel cylinders.

But some area residents dispute that and do not want the uranium kept on


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