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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Pentagon hoping for further exemptions from environmental laws
Pentagon hoping for further exemptions from environmental laws
Associated Press Writer

More conservative leadership of House and Senate environmental panels
has raised expectations at the Defense Department that Congress will
grant the military more exemptions from environmental laws.

"We are more hopeful. We hope it works in our favor but we're not going
to take anything for granted," Pentagon spokesman Glenn Flood said
Tuesday. "Our expectations are high. That's not to say our work is going
to be easy."

Pentagon officials, citing concerns about training and readiness, have a
six-pronged legislative agenda that includes seeking more flexibility in
dealing with migratory birds and marine mammals and easing standards for
air quality and cleanup of toxic waste sites.

They want an executive order from President Bush to help the Pentagon
prevail in environmental disputes with other agencies in the name of
national security. And they want numerous changes in regulations of the
Interior and Commerce departments and the Environmental Protection

Talks about a presidential order haven't yet reached the level of
decision-making at the White House, an administration official said.

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