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Lenny, when they say "do the math," the stats are there.  It is common that
anyone can manipulate stats to prove just about any theory they want.  But,
when you have a certain high percentage of something that is higher than the
norm, I would think that warrants further investigation, e.g., here in Yuba
County, CA, there is a very high incidence of particular cancers and other
maladies of death that jump out at me after looking at the overall State
rates...yet, no one has taken the initiative to do a cluster search; offing
the high incidence to socio-economic reasons by one Board of Supervisor.
The bottom line here is no one knows yet if there are clusters and whether
there are socio-economic reasons...of course, I don't understand how
socio-economics would factor into a long list of death warrants on the
people of Yuba County.  What I do know is that we have the second PAVE PAWS
in the US, contaminated water from Beale AFB and other factors like the
copper and gold mines and dumping of crap in the rivers, TCE plumes popping
up in various places, and a whole lot of land which has yet to be tested in
nearby urban areas.  I think with the Erin Brockovich story and the PG&E (?)
contamination, Fallon, NV has good reason to question the clusters...and,
they are clusters.  I have found by asking a lot of questions so far with
Beale AFB personnel and the Washington level of AF, that the military has an
almost duty to deny having anything to do with contamination, deaths of
innocents, and otherwise, taking responsibility for what health risks they
might unleashed on the public at large.  I'm not one to accept any
accusation people make against the military or anyone else concerning causes
of health problems, but certain things are very apparent to me: there was an
Agent Orange problem which evolved out of the Vietnam War, there is a
"syndrome" which popped up from the Persian Gulf, the people in Fallon, NV
should be concerned and have good attorneys, and Yuba County needs further
research at the cost of the DOD (taxpayers).  JMO.  Jana Walsh

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> Debate over Fallon survey
> By lsiegel@cpeo.org
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> Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 09:47:39 -0800
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> Subject: Debate over Fallon survey
> [A reminder: Fallon, Nevada is the site of a documented childhood
> leukemia cluster. Several environmental theories have been advanced to
> explain the cluster, but none have been proven. Some of those theories
> involve contamination from the "Top Gun" Fallon Naval Air Station. - LS]
> State, Health Activists at Odds over Cancer Survey
> Frank X. Mullen Jr.
> 1/4/2003 08:30 pm
> The Fallon area has unexpectedly high rates of brain cancer, lymphomas,
> and adult leukemia, in addition to its childhood leukemia cluster,
> according to the organizer of a cancer incidence survey whose results
> were released last week.
> Former Fallon resident Floyd Sands, whose daughter died of leukemia,
> said the survey showed alarming levels of cancer, even though it reached
> only about 3,000 people in a county of 26,000.
> "Do the math," he said. "There's a problem with rare cancers that jumps
> out at you."
> But Nevada health officials said the survey does not warrant further
> investigation by the state.
> They contend the survey resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other
> words, Sands was soliciting rare cancers - and he found them.
> ...
> for the entire story, see
> http://www.rgj.com//news/stories/html/2003/01/04/31312.php
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