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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] Navy heads cleanup of point across from academy
[The following was posted by Ted Henry <ted@theodorejhenry.com>]

I was visiting family in Annapolis for the holidays when I saw this
article in The Sunday Capital.

For those who did not read the whole article, I had to point out the
quote in the fourth to last paragraph.  I will be fair and add the
caveat that it is quite possible that the quote was taken out of context

or the person was misquoted.

With regard to the Public Comment Period, the Navy Remedial Project
Manager for the cleanup was quoted as follows:

"It's not a comment period to help us decide what the remediation
process is, It's something we're required to do to let the public know
what's going on."

If quoted correctly, it is very clear that the Navy's Ms. Melton is in
need of education regarding what public participation is suppose to be
and what the laws are suppose to provide.

On a simple outreach level, it appears she is confusing the
spirit/concept of "Notice" and "Comment Period".

Patriots who support environmental cleanup can only hope that such a
quote is indicative of press self-interests or ignorance and not the
Navy's. If it is the Navy's, it is unfortunate it exists so close to the

Academy where education and enlightenment is a treasured asset of our

Happy Holidays

Ted Henry

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