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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Environmental concerns hinder digging training, Marines assert
The following is an anonymous response.

Having managed various projects for the Navy and Marines at Camp
for several years, I can tell your readers that the dig restrictions are

real. They are not because of caribou in Southern California (?), and
are not because of any widespread contamination. Campen is home to over
federally and state listed species, so most of the base is sensitive
for these species. These restrictions are merely the result of managing
sensitive habitat in accordance with the Endangered Species Act. Believe

or not, these restrictions also apply to the Navy/Marine Corps' efforts
cleanup contaminated sites. Cleanup projects must consider and include
habitat restoration and mitigation, as necessary. For folks that don't
believe these restrictions exist, they simply don't have a practical
understanding of managing sensitive habitat at this scale. There is no
conspiracy here. Ask a young Marine who has trained at Campen, and
learn that each Marine carries a special, waterproof handbook informing
what to do and what not to do specifically because of the many natural
cultural resources found at Campen. The digging restriction is one of
and the Marines work in close partnership with the Fish and Wildlife
to implement them. I hope this clarifies this issue for some of your

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