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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Vance cleaning up
Vance cleaning up
By: Robert Barron, Staff Writer
December 12, 2002
Have you wondered what those yellow markers at Vance mean?

In case you've wondered about those yellow markers in the land across
from Vance Air Force Base, they are just signs that the Air Force is
being a good steward.

The city of Enid donated 160 acres of land across from the west gate of
Vance to the Air Force in 1995.

Vance was established in September 1941, just prior to the start of
World War II. Environmental issues such as dumping of oil and gas on the
ground and into the water were not considered dangerous until later.

The Air Force is monitoring those areas now to prevent any further
contamination and to clean up contamination that has occurred.

The property north of Vance, which was donated by the city, is monitored
by the Air Force for any migration of contaminants that could be in the
soil, and an environmental cleanup effort is about to begin.

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