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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Agency spokesmen address NIKE site concerns
By RINDI WHITE-Frontiersman reporter

KNIK -- Although new information is still forthcoming, pending a wrap-up of testing data performed by a contractor with Knik Tribal Council, representatives from two government agencies were on hand last week to speak to concerns from residents living in the area of the Point MacKenzie Goose Bay former nuclear missle launch site.

Army Corps of Engineers project manager Robert Johnson and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation's John Halverson were on hand Thursday at a joint meeting of the Point MacKenzie and Knik Fairview Loop Community Councils. The two discussed some of the preliminary findings from testing done by Portage Environmental during the summer. Although the results of the tests are only in draft form, Halverson and Johnson expressed concerns about some of the findings.

PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyl, were found in the landfill area at the site. The colorless, odorless viscous liquid is used in various industrial processes and doesn't lose toxicity over time, as many other pollutants do.

"There were two out of 10 sediment samples along that pond [near the landfill site] that had measurable levels of PCBs," Halverson said. "PCBs are chemicals that don't degrade over time. And they do migrate through the food chain."

Although property owners were concerned about possible well-water contamination by PCBs, Halverson said property owners have less to worry about than the state does.

"The groundwater flow in the area is going to be generally toward the inlet," Halverson said.

Although evidence of PCBs is never reassuring, Halverson and Johnson said the levels in the preliminary testing data were well below levels considered hazardous. One part per million, Halverson said, is the minimum amount needed to close a surface well and mandate cleanup. The preliminary data available indicated 41 parts per billion were found at a beaver dam area on the site. In another site, about 15 parts per billion were found.

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