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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Is proposed housing project explosive?
December 5, 2002
Is proposed housing project explosive?
Tim Omarzu
Could Yuba Highlands be an explosive new development?

Roseville developer Gary Gallelli proposes building the 13,000-resident,
5,100-home "new town" on 2,900 acres east of Beale Air Force Base.

The land is part of the former Camp Beale, an 87,000-acre, World War
II-era Army Base that is targeted for a $200 million, multi-year search
for unexploded weapons.

The California Environmental Protection Agency is waving a red flag at
the plan, and a Nevada County environmentalist also has concerns.

But the developer points out that no one has ever been injured by old
weapons at the former Camp Beale.

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