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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Farewell to family farm
[POSTED BY Charles Douglas <Caseyjones9@hotmail.com>]

Regarding the posting ?Farewell to family farm? from The Arizona
Republic, Oct. 28, 2002, there
seems to be more than air compatibility issues at play here.  As I read
the article, it is clear that
the Duncan farms is an agricultural operation, which is a compatible use
in both air Accident
Potential Zones (APZs) I and II as defined by DoD in Instruction
4165.57.  If the pumpkin picking
and farm tours are considered recreation, the same instruction also
permits ?Outdoor Recreation?
(Community and regional parks, Nature exhibits) in APZs I and II.

I suspect there is an issue here of property value over and above the
safety issues of aviation
compatible use.


Charles G. Douglas
Environmental Engineer

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