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Date: 31 Oct 2002 16:31:21 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] RAB Question
Many of the issues raised regarding how RABs function and how their role and 
functioning could be improved would benefit from a comprehensive look 
(evaluation) of RABs across different branches of service, geographic 
representation and whether the site is a FUDS or only restoration/clean up.

Having had the opportunity to do but a limited evaluation of 3 RABs and 
experience in evaluating a number of Community Advisory Panels (CAPS) I've 
found that the "effectiveness" of the RAB and perceptions of "success" are in 
part tied to the issue of the purpose, goals and objectives of the RAB.  The 
extent to which the community members and government agencies do not 
explicitly agree on the goals and objectives are critical elements of how 
effective the RABs are perceived to be.
Community members are concerned often concerned about having meaningful input 
-- and in some cases -- decision making on more then just the administrative 
functioning of the group.  In contrast, government representatives may hold 
fast to a more limited vision of the RAB including the scope of its 

Rather then advocate for either point of view, I would encourage the DOD to 
engage in a collaborative evaluation of RABs to determine how best they can 
truly be utilized to meet the goals of all concerned parties.  We can't "fix" 
what's wrong without the commitment to more systematically and objectively 
look at what is.

Susan L. Santos, Ph.D.
781-483-3054 (p)
781-483-3058 (f)

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